Appliance Harmonizer

  • Use to remediate high EMF emitting electronic sources such as:  all WiFi devices (internet router, Wi-Fi printer, Wi-Fi Direct TV box or AT&T U-Verse box if they aren’t hardwired), and rotating motor devices (such as:  fans, AC Units,  Air Purifiers, etc, especially if any of these are near where you sleep! 
  • EMF Sources listed above often measure over 1,000 times higher than the Safe Levels (Safe Levels = one’s which do NOT produce “Biological Effects” according to!
  • Most don’t realize that household fans produce a very large and disruptive Electromagnetic Field.  Sleep much better using this for your bedroom fan and if you remediate your home with the Commander Box or if you use Plug-In-Rest in your bedroom then we suggest using unremediated Ceiling Fans on LOW which is usually OK since they spin slowly.
Appliance Harmonizer
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